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The ABC Way: Build the Life and Work you Love w/AI


What if you could build a thriving business that not only aligns with your passion but also complements your lifestyle and financial goals? What if it didn't take a long time to create a business that is profitable? Welcome to 'The ABC Way: Build the Life and Work You Love w/AI' This is a transformative 3-month coaching journey crafted by the Get.Stuff.Done! Coaches, Myhriah & Amanda. This unique program empowers you to create work that aligns with the life you love. By blending AI insights and strategic prompt creation with a personalized approach based on your DISC Personality and lifestyle strategy, we guide you to create a business that resonates with your unique strengths and preferences. From defining your brand and ideal client to mapping out your ideal schedule and financial goals, we take a holistic approach tailored to your personality, lifestyle, and passions to help you become profitable in all areas of life. Join us on this empowering journey, and let's build a business and life you'll love the ABC Way. This package includes: 1: DISC Consultation: Tailor your goals & dreams to your personality, lifestyle and more! 5: AI Enhanced Coaching Sessions (recording, zoom summaries, follow up emails with action steps) ABC Club and BONUSES, for duration of coaching package, including: -AI & Canva Basics Course: 4 Sessions on how to use AI, Canva, & Google Ethically & Creatively to create a profitable business quickly -Branding Identity Workshop: Take the Brand Archetype & Identity Assessments and learn how to apply them to your business brand to create your brand voice. PLUS much more!



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